Dr. Lev Manovich – Keynote

Dr. Lev Manovich is one the leading theorists of digital culture worldwide, and a pioneer in application of data science for analysis of contemporary culture. Manovich is the author and editor of ten books including Cultural Analytics (forthcoming), Instagram and Contemporary Image, Data Drift, Software Takes Command, Soft Cinema: Navigating the Database and The Language of New Media which was described as “the most suggestive and broad ranging media history since Marshall McLuhan.” He was included in the list of “25 People Shaping the Future of Design” in 2013 and the list of “50 Most Interesting People Building the Future” in 2014. Manovich is a Professor of Computer Science at The Graduate Center, CUNY, and a Director of the Cultural Analytics Lab. The lab created projects for MoMA (NYC), New York Public Library, Google and other organizations.

Fred Ritchin – Dean of the ICP School

Fred Ritchin is Dean of the School at ICP (International Center of Photography) which serves more than 5,000 students each year in graduate, certificate, continuing education, and youth photography programs. Ritchin was also the founding director of the Documentary Photography and Photojournalism Program at the School of ICP and was appointed Dean in 2014. Prior to joining ICP, Fred Ritchin was professor of Photography and Imaging at New York University’s Tisch School of the Arts, and co-director of the NYU/Magnum Foundation Photography and Human Rights educational program. Previously the picture editor of the New York Times Magazine (1978–82), executive editor of Camera Arts magazine (1982–83), and founding director of the Photojournalism and Documentary Photography Program at the International Center of Photography (1983–86), Ritchin has written and lectured internationally about the challenges and possibilities implicit in the digital revolution.

Rich Harris – The Guardian

Rich Harris is an Emmy award-winning visual journalist and software developer. He joined the Guardian in 2012 and has covered stories on global development, criminal justice, politics, immigration and the environment. Outside journalism, Rich’s open source software is indirectly used by millions of people daily and is helping to change the way people build the web.

Rich moved to the US in 2014, and lives in Brooklyn with his wife Emma. He tweets about JavaScript, journalism and data visualization at @rich_harris.

Hugh McGrory – Datavized

Hugh McGrory is Co-Founder and CEO of Datavized, an NYC-based technology startup focused on democratizing virtual reality. Hugh brings expertise in film production, art and technology to the world of immersive media. He was a Partner at Culture Shock, consulting for clients including The National Film Board of Canada. In 2011 Hugh brought the partners together to create The Andy Warhol Film Digitization Project, developed in collaboration with The Moving Picture Company and Technicolor.

Hugh grew up in Derry, Northern Ireland. He co-founded the Belfast-based studio Make.ie, was Executive Producer for the Northern Ireland Screen / UK Film Council ‘Deviate’ short film scheme, a Teaching Fellow at Queen’s University  Film Studies Department, taught Film Acting at The Gaiety School / National Theater School of Ireland, and was an award-winning director and producer of experimental films. He completed a Nano Imaging Residency with the CINEMA Microscopy Lab at Yale University School of Medicine in 2007.

Jenna Black – EyeEm

Jenna is Communications Manager at EyeEm, a photography company building computer vision technology to connect their global community to brands and agencies. Jenna runs EyeEm’s communications strategy around product, business, technology and community. She also manages the EyeEm Awards, the world’s largest photography competition, and media partnerships with creative and photo-driven media. She previously worked at Brew Media Relations with clients like WordPress.com, Samsung, Oracle and NetSuite. Jenna graduated with a BS in Communications from Utah State University.