Meet our judges and mentors


Shameel Arafin

Shameel Arafin is Senior Director of Platform Engineering at Time Inc. His team runs the websites for,, and a few other brands. Prior to Time Inc., he worked at MediaStorm for 4 years, where he architected the Storytelling Platform, which plays all of MediaStorm’s content. Shameel studied Literature at Harvard and Electrical Engineering at Caltech. He lives in Brooklyn.


Haley Hamblin

Haley Hamblin is the Features Photo Editor at Mashable, working with photographers to create long and short term stories that would not usually make it into the news cycle. Hamblin was previously the Associate Features Photo Editor at the New York Post. She has worked with VII Photo in a variety of capacities as well as with some of the top photo galleries in New York.


Erik Hinton

Erik Hinton is a graphics editor for the Wall Street Journal. Previously, he was the Director of Interactive Media at VICE and an interactive developer for the New York Times, specializing in fashion coverage. He focuses on the application of game design and mechanics to news and humanities projects. His interests and studies include Abrahamic religion and mysticism, weightlifting, analytic philosophy, and board games.


Mohini Dutta

Mohini is a game and interaction designer from Brooklyn, NY. Her work focusses on finding creative solutions to communication problems ranging from graphic design to game design, focussing on the experience of her end user. Some of her memorable design challenges range from helping farmers in Indonesia better understand how to adapt to climate change, sharing the risks of Malaria and Dengue with Kenyan tribes, and helping the urban American youth empathize with wrongfully convicted prisoners.She has an MFA in Design + Technology from Parsons, NY and believes storytelling and good design will save the world one day, and is constantly exploring new ways to better tell the stories all around us.


Hugh McGrory

Hugh McGrory is Co-Founder and CEO of Datavized, an NYC-based technology startup focused on democratizing virtual reality. Hugh brings expertise in film production, art and technology to the world of immersive media. He was a Partner at Culture Shock, consulting for clients including The National Film Board of Canada. In 2011 Hugh brought the partners together to create The Andy Warhol Film Digitization Project, developed in collaboration with The Moving Picture Company and Technicolor.

Hugh grew up in Derry, Northern Ireland. He co-founded the Belfast-based studio, was Executive Producer for the Northern Ireland Screen / UK Film Council ‘Deviate’ short film scheme, a Teaching Fellow at Queen’s University  Film Studies Department, taught Film Acting at The Gaiety School / National Theater School of Ireland, and was an award-winning director and producer of experimental films. He completed a Nano Imaging Residency with the CINEMA Microscopy Lab at Yale University School of Medicine in 2007.


Josh Raab

Josh Raab is a Multimedia Editor at TIME, focusing on Lightbox and overseeing the visual approach of the Technology, Business and Space sections. He is a professor at the International Center of Photography.


Ben Norskov

Ben Norskov is a Systems Designer at Antidote Games and an Adjunct Professor at Parsons the New School for Design. Antidote creates games for NGO clients like the Red Cross, American Museum of Natural History, and the Innocence Project that have been played on five continents and multiple game festivals. He has been a speaker at Games for Change, Indiecade, Lost Levels, and many universities. Ben has also taught at Bloomfield College, Long Island University, and coordinates after school game design classes in and around NYC. He’d like to talk to you about the ontology of game design and/or Ultimate Frisbee.


Jared T Miller

Jared T. Miller is a Video Producer at New York Magazine. Previously, he was a Photo Editor at Newsweek handling all sections of the magazine, working with photographers on assignment and producing short documentaries for its website.

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